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Meet Our Spokesdog, Kali

Kali is the official spokesdog of The Whisker Tails Club. She is here to be the face of WTC, and most importantly to keep us on our toes!

She is a 5 year old White German Shepherd who came into my life at 8 weeks old. She enjoys long walks to anywhere, especially if it means she can terrorize the neighborhood cats. She is incredibly smart (probably a little too smart for her own good) and enjoys causing drama.

A little back story on Kali:

She was born in Houston, TX where she was in somewhat of a bad situation. We went to get here right after Hurricane Harvey. The people that had her had somehow inherited the whole liter and the father of the pups. As I am sure many of you remember Hurricane Harvey knocked out power for many in Houston for days. Especially in Houston which was one of the hardest hit locations. The owners at the time were just trying to get rid of the dogs they had inherited, and if I am honest they had no business as breeders.

Upon going to get her the mother was no where to be seen, but the father was there and he was definitely a protector of his property. All the puppies were inside the mobile home (which had no power and smelled of pee) huddled under a table. Looking back I wish we had just taken them all, but we were young and did not have the means for them at the time. However, we ended up with Kali and I wouldn't trade her for anything.

She was not supposed to be my dog. She was supposed to be someone else's, but after time went on it became apparent who she had bonded with. She had become my once in a life time soul-dog and I am trying to cherish every moment I have with her.

Her and her siblings remind us of the cause we are fighting for. Kali reminds us everyday of what we are here to accomplish and keeps us working towards that goal, even on days when it is difficult and we lack the energy. We want to see a day where animals of any kind do not suffer and are not turned away from shelters and/or rescues when they need it the most.

I had been struggling to make a decision on how much of the profits should go back to rescues and animal shelters. However, with Kali's help we have decided that 50% of all profits that are made from this online store will go directly back to shelters and rescues. The rest, as we have said before, will be saved up for the next phase of the plan.

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Adventure Awaits!

-The Whisker Tails Club Team

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